Game Crazy Time

The popular Crazy Time slot can rightly be called an exciting game show. The slot combines several games, takes place live and gives you the chance to win impressive sums.

During the game, the host spins a large wheel, after stopping which a number or bonus segment falls to the player. Above the wheel is a reel with two columns – with a lucky match, the symbols on the reel add a multiplier to the fallen symbol on the wheel. We will tell you about the rules and basic principles of the slot in a detailed review.

Game Crazy Time

What is Crazy Time – game review

Crazy Time from the developer Evolution Gaming belongs to the category of Live games. Evolution Gaming is a leader among providers of Live broadcasts, game shows and slots. The croupier spins the wheel in real time and conducts bonus games. This is the format that distinguishes “Krazy Time” from the classic slots with reels. Gambling entertainment is suitable for beginners and experienced players. The rules at first glance are not simple, however, they are subsequently quite easy to understand.

Characteristics of the slot

To understand the rules, first of all it is important to study the characteristics of the slot – what symbols are depicted on the wheel, what the drum is for and what are the bonus games.

Let’s start with the wheel – the main element of Crazy Time. The wheel is divided into 54 segments:

  • 21 segments with the number 1 – this value occurs most often, the bet is paid with a multiplier x1;
  • 13 segments with the number 2 – if the wheel stops at two, the bet is multiplied by 2 times;
  • 7 cells with the number 5 – the slot pays out the amount x5 of the bet;
  • 4 segments with the number 10 – the rarest multiplier, when it falls out the bet increases by 10 times.

In addition to the numbers on the “wheel of fortune” is located 9 bonus segments of four types:

  • Coin Flip;
  • Cash Hunt;
  • Pachinko;
  • Crazy Time.

Above the wheel hangs a drum, which gives an additional opportunity to multiply the winnings. In the first column the symbol falls out, in the second column – multiplier. It is important that these values line up in one line in the middle. If the wheel stops on the same symbol as on the reel, the winnings are additionally multiplied by the multiplier from the reel.

At the bottom of the playing field is a panel with bets and displays the status of the player’s account. The bets are divided into two types – numbers and bonus rounds. Since the wheel can stop on any symbol, the game provides the opportunity to bet on all these values. You can bet on all of them at once or choose the most favorable values. However, we will tell you about the strategy later.

How to play Crazy Time

The game is played in Live format, so you will need a good internet connection, computer or smartphone. Before the start of each round, time is allotted to place a bet – on numbers and bonus segments.

Then the round begins and the host starts the wheel. At the same time, the drum spins and gives out values that can increase your winnings. After a few revolutions of the wheel comes the most exciting moment – the rotation slows down and the wheel stops on one of the symbols, which decides the fate of the bet.

If you bet on the number 5 and the wheel stops on the number 1, 2 or 10, the bet is burned. If it stopped at 5, the amount of the bet increases 5 times. For example, you bet 1000 rubles on the five and guessed. Accordingly, from the round remains 1000 rubles, which you originally bet and added 5000 rubles as a win. In total in the round will get 6000 rubles.

If in the same round on the drum fell five and the coefficient, for example, x2, then you will receive not 5, but 10000 rubles and return the bet in 1000.

How Crazy Time works

The basis of winning in Crazy Time is luck. It is impossible to guess and accurately predict the outcome of the round. However, you can adjust the size of bets and allocate the budget wisely. If you are lucky, then due to high odds, the amount of the bet grows several times. And even if you have not been lucky for a long time before, one round can change everything.

Separately it should be told about the bonus mini-rounds, which bring the highest winnings. There are two segments of Cash Hunt and Pachinko, four segments of Coin Flip and one sector of Crazy Time on the reel.

  • Cash Hunt. A bonus round in which the playing field consists of 108 cells with different multipliers. These multipliers are covered with figures and shuffled. The host fires a cannon into one of the cells, behind which the multiplier is hidden. It is by this multiplier that the bet will be multiplied. The goal is to shoot the highest multiplier, but anything can hide behind the pictures.
Game Crazy Time
  • Pachinko. After a Pachinko roll, the croupier moves to a wall with many pegs and launches a glowing ball down. There are 16 different values listed at the bottom of the board. The amount of winnings depends on which multiplier the puck falls on. This is always an exciting round as it takes place in real time in front of the users eyes.
  • Coin Flip. Two coins are displayed on the screen – blue and red, each displays a multiplier. The host flips a chip, and depending on which side falls out, that multiplier wins.
coin flip
  • Crazy Time. The croupier goes out the red door, where a giant wheel appears, divided into 64 segments. The player has to choose one of the three marks on top. The objective is to catch as many multipliers as possible by selecting one of the marks. This bonus round falls out very rarely, and all players wish the wheel would stop there.
Game Crazy Time

Bonus games look like a real show, each of them takes place on a separate board or on a separate slot machine. As statistics show, it is the bonus rounds that bring the biggest wins.

How to play and win in Crazy Time

We have already mentioned that you can not predict the result of the round. But are there strategies that will help to lose less and win more? As in any gambling game, “Crazy Time” has its secrets, knowing which, you can prevent yourself from draining money and ensure victory.

Tips for a successful game:

  • if you have a small deposit, bet only those amounts that are not sorry to lose;
  • stop in time – if you are unlucky for several rounds in a row, do not spend all the money to win back, it is better to stop to enter the game another time;
  • you can bet not on all values, but only on those that will be favorable to you;
  • if you are a beginner, do not immediately start playing for money, and observe the game of more experienced gamblers.

In what casinos you can play Crazy Time

The slot is available at almost all popular online casinos. We recommend choosing only trusted sites where the original software is presented.

Popular sites where you can play Crazy Time:

  • 1WIN;
  • Pin-Up;
  • Mostbet;
  • Pokerdom;
  • Vavada;
  • Bizzo Casino and others.

Evolution Gaming is a solid provider that values its reputation. The original Crazy Time slot can only be placed on licensed sites.

Bonuses and free spins in Crazy Time

In addition to the bonus rounds provided in the game itself, online casinos also offer bonuses. Almost all sites with gambling have welcome bonuses, freespins and cashbacks that can be spent on bets and win extra money. Bonuses are provided not only to newcomers, but also regular users of the site for their active participation in gambling entertainment. Read more about them on online casino sites in the section with promotions.

Crazy Time – demo mode

As such, there is no demo mode in “Crazy Time”, as it is live. If in other slots you can bet with virtual coins, then here it will not work like that. To understand the rules and calculate the risks in advance, you can be an observer. Seeing how the rounds are held, you will be able to develop your most profitable strategy.

Crazy Time for real money

To run Crazy Time for money, you need to:

  • choose an online casino;
  • register;
  • find in the catalog slot Crazy Time;
  • launch the game.

Now, to start playing, you will only need to make a deposit by card, bitcoins or with the help of other payment services that are supported in the selected casino. But at the beginning, we recommend to be an observer and carefully familiarize yourself with the rules and tricks of the slot.


As you realized from the review, Crazy Time is a breathtaking game that includes several mechanics. What other features make Crazy Time stand out from other slots:

  • there is a chat room for users and croupiers;
  • you can win very large sums;
  • you can choose which sectors to bet on;
  • unique style of the casino sets a special atmosphere;
  • RTP is 96.08%.

To the minuses include only the lack of a demo version. Unfortunately, the slot does not provide game currency to test the game.


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